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Postagem original de: Douglas Gosciak ,


Amazing! For the first time since I bought my MB Pro in 2008, I woke my machine from sleep this morning and encountered this problem. The only thing I did different yesterday, was that I installed Marine Aquarium 3 and activated its screensaver. I wonder if that software could have aggravated the problem into showing itself.

So, my first troubleshooting task was to switch to and old screensaver that I never had problems with. Did not help in any way.

SOme hours later,  I tried to install an update to Adobe Flash Player, but the installer was still running 30 minutes later and I could not get any response from the machine. In frustration, I forced a hard shutdown by holding the power button down until the machine shutdown.

Imagine my surprise when I turned the machine back on and the problem was gone! Go figure.