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These answers are all over the place and very conflicting.

I couldn't imagine hooking a wristband / mat to the ground of an electrical outlet, even if you have tested it to be safe. At any time, if there is an electrical fault caused by anything (rat chewing through wire, poor electrical work done while installing something, dropping hair-dryer in sink, etc.) on the circuit in your house / office, you're gonna get 120 AC volts running though the ground wire in your electrical system. It will probably only be momentary till a breaker faults, but if you have a strap around your wrist hooked to an AC outlet ground and such a fault occurs, your gonna get shocked badly. It's not gonna be like accidentally touching an exposed wire, cause your gonna have that strap around your wrist designed to make the best electrical contact. That type of shock could seriously injure you.

Not all mats / straps have a 100 Meg Ohm resister in them. Actually only the more expensive ones have such a resistor. Most that are under $150 have only a 2-4 megohm resistor. That resistor wouldn't do anything to remedy this dangerous issue.

The office I moved into 6 yrs ago had changes made by shotty contractors before I moved in, and I wouldn't ever think of using the AC ground.

While I worked on the maintenance staff at a school, I once went to turn on the light in a shed after someone had earlier installed the light in that shed, and as soon as my fingers touched the metal of the switch case I got shocked. The guy who installed the light made a mistake. If I were to take a strap and wrap it around my wrist and attach it to the ground of that box I don't think that would turn out well.

The truth is that there is no easy answer for this issue.

For now my strap / mat is grounded to the fire sprinkler on my ceiling. I know that's not the best, but it sure has eliminated obvious static discharge I used to get quite often. Before I hooked my band to the sprinkler, I'd have a hard drive, (for example), that I removed from a laptop hooked up to a computer to image the drive, and during the process, if I touched the drive I'd get an obvious static discharge and the imaging process would immediately fail. This occurs even though my office floor is laminate Static discharge while performing even mundane computer repair tasks is a serious issue.

Until I get a wire run from a stake in the ground up to the second floor of my building where my office is, I will have to use my fire sprinkler as a ground.


If anyone has any better ideas I'd love to hear them... really! Please! It's a tough topic!