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Mensagem original de: Ray Uzwyshyn ,


What are the best upgrades for the PowerBook G3 Pismo?


I have a PowerBook G3 Pismo that I am trying to upgrade or refurbish to use as a Netbook, mostly to surf the web (Apple PowerBook 500MHZ/1MB Cache/128MB/12GB HD/8 MB Video/DVD).  

Can anybody recommend what they think are the best internal upgrades for the PowerBook G3 Pismo?   I am already thinking of purchasing either an Airport or PCMIA Card  - don't know which would be best and/or upgrading the RAM or processor.  This comuter has Mac Classic OS9 running here and from my past experience, I think this would be the best system as when I tried an early version of 10 it was really really slow.

Any recommendations and brief summary of the effects of the upgrade would help


PowerBook G3 Pismo