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@nisayatsu this was the fix! Thank you! I just added 2 pieces of electrical tape across these points on each side (you’ll see little pads there on the cover, which was probably to prevent this distortion issue). The tape fixed the distortion right up.   [br]

I purchased these replacement speakers for 28$ to fix my blow left speaker that I’ve been dealing with for years. Used a small/sharp flat head screw driver to gently pry the speakers, and removed the old adhesive. I then inserted the new speaker which already had 3M adhesive on it. It fit very snug and attached strongly. After putting it back together the first time, I noticed the distortion and was pretty bummed. After finding @nisayatsu ’s post, I took the cover off again and laid the tape across the little pads on each side, and the sound was perfect after putting it back together. Hope this helps!!