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White screen all the time even with computer off


Hello i ask for help here bc I'm pretty scared and have no idea of what to do

I jusr went out for like 45 minutes, my pc still on and everything was fine

When i came back my screen was entirely white, i tried turning off/on my pc but nothing changed, even with my computer off the screen stays white, unplugged everything except the power cable and nothing still completely white so i assume it doesnt have to be a pc problem but abt the screen

I have an acer predator 240hz (idk the exact reference) and it never happened before, I'm genuinely scared cuz that screen was expansive asf and i dont have the guarantee anymore

Please if someone can help me abt that I've searched on internet but i only find computer problems/solutions when im sure its only abt the screen

Thank you for your help


Desktop PC