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hello Devon,

so what did you break? You write about the tape sticking out under the screen and the camera below ... These are two separate but cooperating modules.

But to the point: the tape you write about is a flood module with distance sensors, lighting and a microphone with a speaker (left stereo) talks. This is a key module for the work of Face.ID - placed in the screen. If it is damaged (broken, cuted), it can be repaired under certain circumstances. However, the camera is also a module - TrueDepth Camera: front camera, thermal imaging camera and projector - placed in the housing. Each one is registered with the processor and cannot be replaced without losing Face.ID. If your damage is here, chances are really little.

If you are unfamiliar with microelectronics, precision soldering then find a good repair shop - there is only one approach to repair! Any damage left by an unexperienced technician here will make it impossible to repair successfully in the future.