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Mensagem original de: Jose ,


Jaybird2005 was pretty accurate in that ceramic knives are pretty tough guys.  Most are made out of zirconium oxide (8.2/10 on Mohs scale where Nanodiamond is the highest at >10/10).  Hence, one of the few ways to sharpen them is by using a diamond stone/wheel.  However, unless you are very proficient at sharpening, I would suggest having the knife professionally done simply because of how expensive it would be if you mess it up.  One alternative might be to purchase a "cheap" ceramic knife (paring knives tend to be cheap enough) to use as a tester until you feel comfortable.  I'm very surprised that the knives are dull after just 6 months.  Do you have a warranty?

I don't even know how many times I sharpened my crappy knives before I was comfortable enough to purchase and sharpen my current set.  20+ years of sharpening knives on a daily basis and I still wouldn't mess around with sharpening a ceramic knife, just my $.019