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hello there,

the problem of charging this model is quite a common case. Fortunately, the manufacturer foresaw this by designing the usb-c port in the form of a plug-in tape. Similar cases for lighting ports also happen, although they are many times less frequent - lighting is more durable to in / out cycles. I note that Chinese equivalents usually have slightly different port dimensions, so pin contact is often not preserved. This should be checked with a multimeter before reinstalling the screen. Of course, you should not assume that the damage is only on the side of the removable port flex - although this is the most common case.

Unfortunately, there are cases of damage to the electronics just behind the usb port connector, due to moving the tape without disconnecting the battery power. To fix this, you need some microelectronics equipment and knowledge. If you can use a multimeter, you can check the voltage and resistance values of the logical lines of the usb bus behind its connector and find damaged passive elements. Of course, they will have to be replaced, but that is another story. If you have questions, just ask or find a proper repair shop,

- best regards.