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@ Mike th0ms0n

That's a bit of a blanket statement which I wouldn't agree with.   As Mike suggests, I'd say if a person placed the entire tablet into an oven and heated it, then it's possible they may end up damaging the battery.

In cases of using a screen separator (heated surface with vacuum suction) the battery shouldn't sustain any damage.  Also in [the more common] cases of utilizing a heat gun to warm up the screen bezel and edges in order to remove the screen, you will not damage the battery.

Most importantly, on the topics of avoiding damaging the screen (and yes, I’ve even made this painfully costly mistake before), '''the trick I’ve come up with is having made a custom self adhesive label''' in which the width is '''equal to the width of the two flat ribbon cables'''.

The visual label not only reminds me but accurately depicts the precise location, so as to handle it with kid gloves around that area!