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Why is my iPhone 5s constantly in a white screen of death loop?


Hello, my iPhone 5s has been in a constant white screen of death loop for the past 3 days.[br]

I have searched online as to what to do and have attempted the many methods such as holding the home and sleep/wake button, DFU mode, updating my iphone and restoring my iphone through iTunes.[br]

(I had previously accidently dropped my phone on tile surface, although there was no serious damage on the phone on the outside. No cracks on the surface. Only until last month that the both sides and top of the  LCD screen is separating from the phone. )[br]

The only somewhat successful method I had was either let it finish the loop and making the battery go flat so I then can charge it and maybe able to use it for 10-15 minutes or to force update again and again for it be be able to go back to normal temporary, but only for it to suddenly go back to the loop.[br]

What can I do now? Should I go to my local repair shop to repair and will it stop the loop? Or should I buy a new iPhone?


iPhone 5s