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I don’t know if Saar B actually speaks for Apple, but I understand their concern, especially batteries. (Remember all the Samsung phone fires a few years ago? Cheap batteries from the source!)

That said I believe in iFixits platform of “right to repair”.  Apple’s price to replace a battery is not bad, but since last year some time there was no way to have them replace my battery (Covid restrictions and all), and I live where my phone is my lifeline (Covid issues again).

So a couple of weeks ago I bought the iFixit battery kit and replaced the battery . It didn’t go quite as easily as the written or videos make out, but it was ok.

But now I have a new problem, which is why I am here. My phones battery worked great for a couple of weeks: good life and appropriate charge times. UNTIL updating the iPhone to OS 14.4 yesterday, now the battery loses charge pretty fast.

Any one else have this issue?