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I am not certified, and don't know crap about phones, but I will say that you should listen to the advice of NOT swapping batteries!!! My wife and I have a 5c that her family gave to her after they upgraded and had the battery in the 5c changed since it had died. We took pristine care of that phone until one day it randomly shut off. Sad, we put it in a drawer, and forgot about it. Until I went looking for God knows what one day and saw the iphone bulging out to kingdom come!! Found out it had a 5S battery installed… The ridiculous part is that they say they had Apple replace it, so either their Apple store is stocked with retards, or her family is lying to her because I wanted to switch a broken screen in one of the other phones they let her use when the screen got busted when she dropped it (why we took pristine care of the 5c), and they don't want me to cause they… think I can't read instructions and follow them..?

I may be a technological moron, but I did manage to take apart two destroyed 2 in 1 tablets and make one whole working one (one shut down randomly, the other had a hammer taken to it= busted screen). I think I'm capable of merely switching parts, obviously! New technology just takes patience as it's very fragile, and most people don't have that…