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Hi, similar problem here.

I opened my macbook pro (2015) since keyboard and trackpad were not working and I found that the problem might be related to the trackpad and keyboard cable. So I opened my macbook pro, disconnect the battery connector and changed the cable.

When I tried to restart my macbook after this change, it didn’t turn on! So I connected the charger and the Macbook turned on regularly, with keyboard and trackpad working so I solved that issue but something went wrong although all the process was easy and smooth.

Since then, my macbook does not turn on without the charger and every time I disconnect the charger the macbook suddenly turns off.

I tried everything you said here, resetting SMC and PRAM and trying the CNET solution.. I also reopened my macbook and tried to boot after disconnetting the battery connector: in this case, when the Macbook turns on (obviously with the charger plugged in), Coconut did not recognize the battery and crashes. But instead, when I boot with battery connector correctly plugged in (and the charger), Coconut battery record are all okay (current charge 5819 mAh, temp 31.6°C)! So I have to suppose it can’t be a neither battery nor a connector issue, since when the battery connector is plugged in, Coconut recognizes the battery giving a good report back, so that it’s quite impossible that I damage the connector during the process (also because when the connector is not plugged in, Coconut does not recognize the battery).

Any ideas? Someone might help?