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Mensagem original de: John Do ,


Identifying which fault is preventing my Ipad from charging


'''The issue and where I’m at:'''

My 5th gen Ipad a1822 stopped charging shortly after it took a small fall. There are some data and contacts I want to recover from the device, these are fairly important to me and I am willing to spend some money to recover them.

I assume the most likely problems are a fault with the battery, the charging port or some sort of short on the PCB.

I’ve tried a variety of working charging cables, in doing so I observed that the device was still recognizing the cables being plugged in, as the low battery symbol showed up and when I removed the cable, it showed up with the additional lightning cable symbol below the flashing battery one.

But it won’t show the active charging symbol or gain any power. When I connect it to my desktop, it doesn’t detect.

I am assuming there are no other faults with the device because it was working before I let it run out of power. I read some suggestions to reset due to software issues preventing a charge. However, I can’t home screen+power button reset, then again I’ve never tried that from the low battery black screen state, I’m not sure if that is indicative of anything.

'''My questions are;'''

Is it an accurate deduction that problem is most likely the battery? Or could it be some connection inside, a short, or even still be the power port despite appearing to detect the cable plugging in and out?

What are my options and what would you do?

'''Further info:'''

Repair shops around me (Western Australia) are rather costly, about $150 USD just for the port replacement, I’m not sure about batteries, but I’m sure they’ll tack on another $70-100 USD - I’ll be calling around tomorrow for more information.

I could use this opportunity to practice some tinkering, for a little over $150 USD I can pick up a heat gun / solder / ifixitkit / adhesive / new battery and charging port.

Half a decade ago I replaced some iphone screens, but I have no experience tinkering or repairing apple products and the tight form factor and digitizer are quite intimidating.

Thanks in advance.


iPad 5 LTE