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audio sounds like its coming from the back of the phone


Technically im using a j3 star but that wasnt an option. I spilled a drink and it dripped into the speaker, so my first reaction was to wrap my finger around my shirt and use my nail to get into the speaker hole to dry it up. But either it was too late or I pushed the speaker in too far because now when I try to play something through my phone speaker the vibrations dont actually go through the speaker hole they end up vibrating through the material on the back of the phone. I verified this by taking off the back of the phone and sure enough it was louder. I tried using a tooth brush in the speaker hole to see if something was causing a blockage but the problem was still there. Should I wait for it overnight to dry and retry the toothbrush method or have I pushed the speaker too far inside of itself?


Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro