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I also searched high and low for a solution but couldn't find anything.  Then I noticed that if I pushed the tray harder, I could get it to sit flush with the top of the phone, but it would just spring back to the almost-flush position.  I figured that the insertion of the tray was not fully reseting the ejection mechanism.  This may have been the result of a screen replacement just prior to the issues with the tray seating?  Somehow the ejector is a little tighter than it used to be?


So I cut up my Walgreens rewards card to make a tool that could push the bottom of the ejector to its seated position.  After push that to the bottom of the SIM slot, I found that the tray would fully seat, the top being flush with the top of the phone.




I think is still tighter than it should be.  I removed and reinstalled the SIM tray and the little rebound issue was still present.  I used the Walgreens tool again and everything went flush when I reinstalled the tray.  Fortunately I don't remove it too often and now that I know what to do, it's a pretty simple fix.

Hope this works for you!