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hello Glen,

did you disconnect the battery while working? Most of the faults are related to the forgetfulness of this important matter. It doesn't necessarily look bad, let's check it out together.

There can basically only three reasons for the missing image on the screen:

* no backlight, caused by connecting the screen with the battery inserted. Filters are damaged, electronics intervention is needed (it's a very simple and basic repair)
* no image, caused like above, but damaged are logical lines or screen power circuit.
* you have a faulty replacement part, which happens most often

To be a sure, to make a proper diagnosis, power up a phone and on dark screen try shine a flashlight or very light spot. You will see a very dark image on screen. Touch should be work.

If you have got a old, broken glass screen (if it work), try connect it back and check a screen.

And finally, go to repair shop, there you can find a help with it.