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I have had this as a recurring issue with my Sony 65” LCD for a few years and each time it has happened I have taken the back off of the TV and tried to figure out if anything was visually wrong. In all cases I did not find anything wrong with the TV internals and after putting the back on the TV and power it up it seemed to work again.  Last night I had the TV go into the mode of blinking red 3 times again. This time I simply unplugged everything from the TV and tried turning it on. Imagine my surprise when the TV came on with no issue. It seems as though one of my components or HDMI cables is causing the TV to periodically go into this mode. I’m posting this because I know how frustrating it is not having a solution to a seemingly simple issue. In my case it seems as though it is something fundamentally simple, I hope this helps others out and saves you from spending unnecessarily on a new TV or “repair” parts. CHECK YOUR HDMI CABLES!