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Since, I've had to replace the lcd display screen yet another time -- believe it or not. The second replacement occured quite a few months ago, maybe longer, but still a success. I found the second 1lcd display screen and the digitizer on a package deal on ebay for a fair price. I did not attempt the digitizer replacemenet, even though i wanted to b/c it seemed a bit more complicated, or maybe i just didn't take enough time to evaluate the process. Anyway, the phone has since had problems with the qwerty keypad not working. I suspect all of those times that i opened up the phone took its toll on the flex cable. The lcd display on the phone still works on both sides, but when you slide it to open the keyboard to text it does not work (i know that doesn't make sense) but i'm sure it's just a loose connection and not the actual lcd display that is causing problems. I've reopened the phione and been back in at least twice disconnecting and reconnection/seating the few data cables, but to no avail. The phone is now being replaced with a samsung rogue as using the touch screen is very inconvenient for texting. it is not my phone, but my daughter's. But as for opening up the phone...no tricks really, just have some pretty decent small jewelry screwdrivers available, both flat head and phillips, but mainly use the phillips. And be very careful not to strip the screw heads -- they are tiny!. With enough force and pressure you can turn the screws out fairly easily, but make sure you have a tight fit with the right screwdriver. Of course i stripped a head and evenutally had to bring out the drill and use a very tiny bit to spin the screw out. It worked though, but it wouldn't have been necessary if i had been a bit more patient. Also i had a helper, but in some cases this may or may not be wise. It actually helped me, but some people do better work solo. Another useful 'too' is a pretty strong magnet that can assist with keeping from losing the screws, just be careful not to get it too close to the phone i suppose. The big flex data cable pops out from the metal plate which is connected to the motherboard, and the other smaller cables connected to the lcd screen are fairly easy to pop out. One word of caution, if you are replacing the lcd display, you will have to remove the doubled sided tape. Try and peel it off very careful so as not to get it stuck to itsefl. If it does, no big deal, but less hassle if it doesn't. I still have the spare digitizer, brand new, and i'm not sure what is going to happen to the phone once the samsung arrives. I would be willing to put it up on ebay for almost a giveway if it could help someone else out. CDE