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My issue was the plastic plunger in the switch had broken off.   The best part about the way I fixed it is it’s free (so long as you don’t mind losing a volume button) and required minimal tools.  I already had the screen off and the motherboard pulled as I was replacing the tablet battery so you will have to do those two steps first and there are plenty of resources online to show you how.  There are top view and switch anatomy pics at the end for reference.  As always, read all the way through these directions BEFORE you start.

Tools:  dental pick, fine point tweezers, and small needle nose pliers


1: On the side of the broken switch opposite the plunger, use the dental pick to pull back one of the metal tabs holding the cover on.  Be gentle.  It does not take much force.  Once it is off, discard the broken plunger.  (the top will tend to pop off so be sure you are working on a flat surface where you can find it easily)

2: Inspect the actual button (circular bubble) inside the switch for damage. If it is good, then proceed to step 3.  If not, the whole switch will probably need to be replaced.

3: Repeat step 1 for one of the volume buttons.

4: Transfer the good plunger to the power button using the tweezers.  Stay over your work surface as this is a small part that is easy to drop.

5: Reinstall the cover on the power switch.  THIS IS BY FAR THE HARDEST PART OF THIS REPAIR. I recommend using the cover off of the volume switch if the original power switch cover is damaged.  The cover is integral to the switch functioning properly.   Start by putting the cover (orientated correctly) over the plunger side of the switch and work towards the end you pulled at to remove it in the beginning.  You must ensure the plunger is pulled far enough forward that the depressed metal tab on the cover fits in behind the short plastic center tab of the plunger.  The movement of the plastic plunger tab against the cover tab is what forces the plastic tab down to actuate the button and helps the plunger return to the neutral position when released.  Only light finger pressure should be needed to slip this cover back on.  If you are having trouble,  stop and double-check everything is lined up correctly.

6: Use the needle-nose pliers to bend the tab you pulled on to remove the cover back into place.  Again, very little force is needed.

7: Check that the plunger now works correctly, reassemble, and test.