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Protecting the laptop from my sweaty fingers?


hey guys

so like many of you, i spent a lot of doe on this machine. the thing is that i spent so much i get nervous when i use it and my fingers start sweating. im forced to use a wireless keyboard and mouse which sucks!

my questions are —

1) do you guys know if there is a protective membrane blocking the keyboard from the logic board? so like, is it okay if my fingers sweat it out on the keyboard?

1b) how about the trackpad? is it okay if my fingers get sweaty on the trackpad?

2) what if i buy a keyboard cover? i know apple said not to use them because if you close the lid it could damage the screen. but is this true or nonsense?

2b) if it is true and the keyboard cover is unsafe for the screen — what if i just used it when the lid is open? will the keyboard cover trap heat and cause the computer to overheat? i’ve heard some keyboards are used to vent out heat.

i am very embarrassed by my problem. thankfully it does not interfere with women which is more important than my macbook. i appreciate your expertise on this matter.




MacBook Pro 16" 2019