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Is the mouse salvageable?


Hi there, my logitech g403 had left button failures in fps games(stoping and randomly continuing when shooting on auto-fire) so after I’ve read about the problem on the internet I decided to change the left button switch. As I’m not really experienced at this nor it’s my profession, I don’t have any special tools beside an solder iron, wire and some flux. It was actually my first solder attempt and as a desolder pump/wick replacement, I used copper wires of some cable. Anyway, managed to somehow desolder the switch and solder a new one, but as I was desoldering, noticed that the “surrounding”(or pads if I didn’t mistaken it for something else) of one of the switch pins didn’t look like the other ones. Did I maybe overheat the little thing too much and damaged it? If yes, can it be fixed somehow? Or the problem lies somewhere else. Any help is appreciated. Here are the pics of the small pcb:


Logitech Mouse