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I have the same symptoms on Macbook Pro 13 Early 2011. It was loading OS very slowly and had a few malfunctioning keys on the keyboard. I replaced the entire keyboard, track pad and palmrest assembly, cloned the SATA hard drive in to a new SSD and placed the latter in it. It was loading a little faster.  Everything looked good. Then I placed the cover on it to close. It appears a black screw fell on the logicboard which was live at the time. It must have shorted one or more circuit board components. I quickly shutdown the system. Then started encountering the symptoms described in this forum. At first it would not power up. Then I removed the battery connector and the AC adapter power connector. I held the power button for about 30 seconds to drain any charges on the logicboard. Then i connected the AC adapter and pressed the power button. The board came alive with a furious fan speed, without any video display or POSTing. I attempted the SMC and NPRAM resetting in order. No dice.  I am gravitating towards the suggestion by '''++Reece @reecee++'''  : “(you will need to get a board view and schematic for 820-3115).  The logicboard has definitely undergone all run of the mill resuscitative runs and failed to revive itself.  I reckon it may be time to just replace the logicboard on account that cost of Macbook Pro 13 Early 2011 is considerably low presently.