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Hi, just to give everyone a quick update, I am in the middle of doing a logic board swap from a 13” mid-2012 MacBook Pro into an early 2011 body.  [br]

I just purchased a early 2011 in perfect physical condition and my mid-2012 has lots of dents and scrapes.   I have done 20+ logic board removals for reposting, I have swapped the mid-2012 logic boards into late 2011s with no problems.   After reading this post I decided to buy an early 2011 and try it out.  Anyway, everything is swappable EXCEPT the display assembly.   The LVDS cable from the early 2011 does not fix the mid-2012.  I tried many different positions with quite a bit of force.

It’s not worth it.  I have ready some people have squished it in, to have it die later on.  Please do not attempt this.