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The same exact thing happened to my iPod Touch. Except, I spilled perfume on it. You should keep your iPod Touch AWAY from liquid. Anyways, my iPod Touch ended up working. But, I had to keep it in a plastic sandwich bag filled with rice for about a month or two. The screen looked awesome after! You couldn't even tell that I'd spilled my Britney Spears perfume all over it. Haha. Now, after that's done, you might notice that it says that you need to plug the USB in your computer and go to iTunes to access your iPod. Do exactly what it says. It may say 'Restore iPod', restore means to start your iPod over, in other words, erase all data on your iPod. The good thing is, is that you still have your music and apps that were purchased on your iTunes account. So after you restore your iPod you can re-download all your music, apps, tv shows, movies, etc. That's the cool thing about it. **''YOU SHOULD ONLY RESTORE YOUR IPOD TOUCH IF IT IS IN TERRIBLE SHAPE!!!!**'''