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Mensagem original de: Gabriel Carriere ,


Yep! A iPhone 8 screen works perfectly when installed in a iPhone SE 2020, and vice versa. Additionally, after a screen swap, you can follow the same procedure using a iCopy to transfer the serial number from the old screen to restore TrueTone functionality just like with the iPhone 8.

So, the only parts in the iPhone SE 2020 that are NOT compatible with the iPhone 8 are:

* the rear camera. It looks the same, and plugs in fine, but it just doesn’t work.
* the battery. The battery in the iPhone SE 2020 is the same form-factor at the iPhone 8, but the connector is the same as the battery used in the iPhone 11.

As soon as parts are available for the iPhone SE 2020, I’m tempted to buy a logic board, battery, and camera and install them in my old iPhone 8 to make a sort of “franken-phone”.

Anyways, hope that answered your question.