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Mensagem original de: Gunnar Nybraten ,


I did the same stupid thing, spilled liquid into the keyboard.

Sent it to the Mac dealer for an estimate, they claimed it would be too expensive to repair, since the battery, top case with keyboard, touchpad and possibly other parts needed to be replaced.

Everything except a number of keys on the left side seems to be working 100%. When performing an Apple Hardware Test (pressing D while booting, I had to plug in a USB keyboard to do this since the D key is one of the missing ones), no errors or problems were reported!

I openend the *@$$ thing (using a non Pentalobe screwdriver so I destroyed some of the screws) and cleaned the keyboard and touchpad by running a lot of warm water through them, then let the parts dry overnight. After reassembly no improvement (but not worse either). It seems the keyboard signals pass through the touchpad, and I suspect that some of the IC's on the touchpad has been fried, so I would like to replace this, but the Apple dealer in Norway say they are not allowed to sell spare parts. Any idea where I could find this spare part ?