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It is absolutely the tape.  I just installed a new speaker for the 5th time. On the first try it definitely sounded like the speaker was blown. The tape was a good quality 3m double sided tape, sort of a thin foam material, and I was careful to carve out a gasket all the way around the speaker for a good seal but when installed I noticed that the tap must have been a smidge thicker than the original, the speaker was not quite fully seated against the frame. The gap was tiny, like less than 1 mm, but it was a gap.  The first test was super disappointing because the speaker took months to get and it sounded pretty bad, usable, but it was buzzy.  Suspecting that the tape was causing the tweeter to buzz agains the frame I tried again with a paper thin double sided sticky tape.  The theory was sound but the results just as disappointing, the buzz was gone but now it got distorted very easily and just didn’t sound quite like the other side.  After a few days of that grating my nerves I came across this thread and went for another attempt.  When I pulled the speaker out it lifted pretty easily, the thin tape wasn’t making full contact all the way around.  This time I used butyl tape, this stuff is like a sticky putty that you can mold into any shape.  I rolled it into the thinnest little roll I could manage, about 1-2mm and ran a line of it around the speaker and pressed it into place.  It seated well and the butyl flattens out to a perfect gasket.  The sound is perfect now.