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Mensagem original de: Ken Fritzsche ,


In door water dispenser on Samsung french door not working


I have Samsung french door model RF31FMESBSR/AA

Water stopped dispensing through the door and ice cubes being made were extremely small.

I moved the unit away from the wall to check the waterlines and it started working.  I assumed a pinched hose or something.  Ice went back to normal size and water was coming through the door every time I pressed the dispenser lever.  After 2 days it stopped working again.

I again checked hoses and this time, pulling the fridge away from the wall did not fix the problem.

BUT, if I’m pressing the dispenser lever and turn the water off and then turn it on, I get water through the door!   If I let go of the lever and and then try to dispense again by pressing the lever a second time, I get nothing.

I can turn water off and on several times in row, and as long as I am holding the dispenser lever when the water pressure is restored I can get water through the door, one time.

I’m guessing water inlet valve…