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This is what I find hard to believe. This has been a known and ongoing problem sense the beginning of 2014 and even the JBL speakers produced recently are having the same issue. It like JBL is totally achnoring the issue. There has to be a law against selling a defective item and not trying to fix the issue after several years. If there isn't then there should be. Why should consumers have to buy defective products with our hard earned money and the producers be protected? It should be the other way around. You look on this page and you see more than fifty people with the same issue.  Just the same amount of people on other forums. The tips and suggestions given by JBL support don't solve anything. The connection and the active connection time span isn't improved. In over a half a decade the product is being produced the same way and with the same issues. This is crapping on the consumer at it's finest. There would be a class action lawsuit against JBL for producing defective products, knowing about it and doing nothing to solve the problem.