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iPad restore stuck on verifying iPad restore


I am trying to factory reset an ipad air for a customer.

In iTunes it is stuck on Verifying iPad Restore. it has been like this even overnight at one point. i have tried regular recovery mode restore, update and restore, dfu restore and a few so-called “iDevice software repair programs” like PhoneRescue. It is the same problem with itunes(macOS Sierra with latest itunes installed) and in Finder (macOS Catalina)

the iPad is stuck in recovery mode.

the owner wants the battery replaced because it is terrible, should i try restoring with a new battery installed? i don’t want to install a new battery if i can’t restore it anyways.

any thoughts?

The iPad is stuck on this screen during attempted restore.

When i unplug the ipad, itunes says error 9 occurred.



iPad Air LTE