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Mensagem original de: David Gibson ,


Setting up a home theater is not for the faint of heart.  The details could fill volumes.  Your A/V amp is the heart as it [can] become the switch for the various input cables.  You can work with what you have, but there will be sacrifices and they will mostly be in audio.  This is where you learn that those higher prices amps have their purpose besides more power ...they have more HDMI and optical (audio) in/outs.

Only recently has HDMI delivered on their promise of delivering audio with the video on the one cable.  Each iteration of technology was driven to give you additional channels and digital/analog options, and they all ''will'' work.  You just may have to decide where you make the sacrifice.  HDMI from your cable box + SPDIF (non-optical yet digital "orange jack/wire"?") for audio should get you digital audio for HDTV.  Red/white RCA might suffice for Stereo from your XBox. (you said you had no optical?)

Any new A/V amp purchase will most likely have the newer HDMI standards (audio and video on one cable) but you should look for multiple audio optical (TOSLINK) in/outs for 5.1 Surround.  HDMI for 7.1 Surround requires both ends to have those newer HDMI standard supporting chips.

Since they likely don't, you will most likely still be hooking up (best option) optical audio for  5.1 Surround.  Cable box likely has (little squareD flap covers laser optical jack), and Xbox.  Sounds like you could use 2-3 HDMI inputs and 2-3 optical inputs (2 optical + one SPDIF [digital RCA]?)