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My phone is probably dead/doesn't want to charge.


Hello there,

I have Samsung Galaxy S7 from 2016 year. Before 3 weeks I was charging him with original charger and cable (Fast Charging) and it stopped and doesn’t wanted anymore to be charging. I cleaned the port and wiping it out with Isopropyl alcohol but still doesn’t want to charge. I tryed to charge him up with my original samsung wireless charger. He started to charge but very very slow needed about 12 hours or more to charge to 100%. And after 2 days the wireless charging too doesn’t work anymore.

* I want to ment that before 1 month and half I replaced the battery with a new original one.  I am a tech guy and repairing a phones. Everything went good.

I checked what can be the problem inside but didn’t found something. I checked some youtube videos for this problem and saw some videos about 2 chips which needed to be resetted. I did this, but still the same issue. The phone doesn’t want to charge no matter how.

My old battery was having a 50% life inside it and I put it back and the phone started up but doesn’t want to charge. I backed up my files wirelessly before the battery drained.

''I didn’t find any solution for now.'' '''I am searching for external battery docking station where I can put my battery to charge it up and put it back to phone to can back up everything. Is there a such devices and if yes can someone tell me for what to search? Because I searched in eBay but didn’t found anything there.'''

Before years when I was having a Galaxy S4 there was a such devices, but for S7 I didnt find something.

Please help me out. Thanks in advance.


Samsung Galaxy S7