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JBL hasn’t got any better.  I just yesterday purchased a Link Music.  Wow!! Wasn’t that one of the worst decisions of my life!!!! What an absolute piece of Dog turd.

It is so unfinished and doesn't work like it says. It took me 3 goes to connect it to Google home.[br]

It constantly drops out and can't be found. I have 3 other Google Mini Nests in my home with only minimal dropouts. When Google is connected you can't do anything else.[br]

Bluetooth was choppy and unlistenable to. (was 2 metres away from the playback device).[br]

It states you can make and receive calls on it......doesn't work. Only recognized as a Music receiver on my android Pie phone and well making calls via Google is crap.....I tried anyway and yep, doesn't work![br]

The manuals are written for a 2 year old, and there support on the website has 2 FAQ's in troubleshooting. New device I know....but seriously? 2??

I spent over 4 hours last night trying to get it to work properly.

I had to walk away only to find the next day when it was off and now… doesn’t power one. FFS.  Taking it back today for a refund or buy another decent brand.