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Mensagem original de: markjohnson9654 ,


If you are also going through [|asus laptop sound not working problem], just follow the instructions given below.

1.     Press the sound button on your laptop, and see if it is making any kind of noise.

2.     Install another speaker into your asus laptop, and then play an audio let’s see if you can hear something or not.

3.     Once you will complete this process, you should go ahead and update the sound driver into your computer. Once you will update the sound driver. Your laptop will start working fine.

4.     If you have already used these instructions but still not getting the sound on your asus laptop.  I would recommend you to uninstall the sound driver and install a newer version of your it’s.

5.     You should think about turn off the laptop, and turn it back again.

6.     If your laptop still doesn’t give you the audio, you need to reset it and reconfigure it. But before doing this, you should take the backup of your files.

So these are the instructions to fix the audio problem on Asus laptop. I hope it will fix the problem for you.