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Yes it works but you’ll lose the ability to connect to Wi-Fi in recovery mode as well as with Apple diagnostics. The baked and kext in the EFI partition is The older airport extension and these a AC based cards Use a new or extension so the computer won’t be able to recognize this card from recovery mode. The issue is easily solved by using the thunderbolt to ethernet adapter which will allow you to connect to the Internet in recovery mode as well as with diagnostic mode and then when you go back into the OS everything will work just fine. You’ll also get the benefit of some continuity features as well as the ability to unlock the MacBook with an Apple Watch which wasn’t available because of the type of Bluetooth that the 2012 version originally came with versus the newer ones. It’s well worth the upgrade how often do you really use recovery and diagnostic mode And require Wi-Fi specifically in place of ethernet?

The card I used was Broadcom BCM94360CSAX