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Mensagem original de: Mateusz Pałka ,


not really a solution, but bit more digging around the subject.[br]

I was doing a little bit more digging around my iPhone with the same issue, and I discovered that the actual thing that is not working is ambient light sensor. As it doesn’t dim the display automatically.

that was often the case with iPhone 6/ 6s that had 3rd party displays and the solution was to scratch the paint inside the display where the sensor is. Then cover it with sharpie or any other permanent marker. Probably 3rd party paint was to thick. [br]


I reproduced those same steps for iPhone X, but it didn’t help. From what I read, even though the FaceID may be transferred from one iPhone to the other, Apple will disable ambient light sensor when iPhone detects 3rd party screen, essentially causing faceID and selfie portrait to stop working. [br]

maybe someone’s get a bit more knowledge on that thing?