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Phone screen turns off after boot



About 2 weeks ago i pressed the lock button on my screen, display turned on but the touch was frozen. Notifications were still flowing, everything was still showing but the touch wouldnt work. After desperate tries to make it work, it suddenly started working, i used it for like 5 minutes then it stopped working again. This repeated around 4-5 times, until the screen wouldnt light up anymore. I tried booting to recovery mode, clearing cache (i can’t do a factory reset since i’ve got all my data on it and can’t save it via Desktop applications since i need the touch to be working when i insert the USB cable in and it tells me to choose between charging, data transfer or photo viewing), tried booting into safe mode but the screen wouldnt turn on. When I remove the battery and plug it in again, hold the power button, screen lights up, huawei logo, huawei animation (everything on a low lighting level tho, not like i left it before since i always use it at full light), then it goes black right when it gets to the locking screen. I thought there was something wrong with my screen, bought a new one only to be greeted with the fact that it still doesnt work. Again, it turns on, i can see the booting animation, screen turns off after that animation, notifications and vibrations still coming. Any help?


Huawei P9 Lite