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Mensagem original de: Jako Kruuse ,


I’ve been dealing with the same issue for few days now. I’ve been using my Flip3 for 3-4 years now, no problems what so ever. All the sudden, it stopped working properly. Only powers up when plugged in, then power button light is white and no other button seems to function. Once cable is detached, it powers off. Not able to connect via bluetooth. I also noticed that the JBL Connect button didn’t click similar to power button. So, I took it apart but did not notice anything wrong inside. Eventually, I got it working while the grill and top cover were off. Once I put the top cover on and tighten the screws, the problem would return. It comes out that I can’t tighten all the top cover screws properly.  My guess is that the battery has swollen a bit and once I tighten the top cover screws, it will start constantly pushing the JBL Connect button somehow. So, I did not fully tighten the top cover screws and voila, it works.