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usually, when i reinstall a fresh OS on my MacBook, i do:

1. Reset the PRAM

*. turn on your Mac+Hold down the Option+Command+P+R (hold it down till the 3rd reset

2. after the reset (I'm assuming that the NEW HDD is installed) insert the OS CD for Leopard or Snow Leopard)

*. turn off Mac

*. Turn it back on

3. hold down Option

wait until the screen displays the HDD icon and the CD Rom option (usually, u dnt need to do this for Blank HDD) and let it load

4. once loaded, on the top you will see the Mac Utilities option.

*. Select Utilities and Disk Utilities to Format the HDD using Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

5. after format, close Disk Utility and move forward with the installation.