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Mensagem original de: Dee Patel ,


Hi Dan, I was one of the first subscribers to L . Rossmann many years ago,  I had a small workshop with all the mid to top spec gear including a InfraRed Bga machine, long gave up that business as UK costumers specially in east london do not want to pay a great deal for repairs of thier macbook, and no way near what Louis charges.

I do not repair knock off chargers as they are dangerous and I have found many genuine looking chargers that are fake inside.

I can tell you that the cords genuine apple or not, they still work correctly with Genuine macbook chargers if you know how to replace them well as I do. I do not cut open the chargers,  only prise them with a special tool which keeps a Lip intact around the edges which allows you to be able to glue them back together with very strong Glue. I have 3 chargers in my home all in use, one from 10 years ago,  another from around 7 years and another which is mag 2 few years ago, all working perfectly as they should.

Few volts are passed through to the macbook logic board with no green light, which enables the one wire circuit to then coms back to charger that all is well and allow 18v to pass (green light).

I test all the cables I get via my bench supply & logic board that I purposfully disabled one wire to emitate a fault, not yet found a cable that has not worked correclty apart from sellers stating its 85W when its 60W in which case I only use it for 60W chargers. (use my bench supply and a working macbook to check what it detects before soldering it into a charger)