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Disabling 5Ghz resolved my issue.  So i have NETGEAR C7000v2 modem/router, what you have to do is open your browser ( use Internet Explorer or Opera do not use Chrome because control panel will not work in Chrome ). Type in you will be prompt fot username and password ( default login for NETGEAR is username: admin password: password ). After you log in go to ADVANCED tab then Advanced Setup and from drop down menu click on Wireless Settings. Look for '''Wireless Advanced Settings (5GHz a/n/ac)''' and uncheck “Enable Wireless Gateway Radio” click Apply which is located on top. Log out and unplug your modem/router for 10 sec. Thats it. Worked for me and believe me i called the support they were very nice but made me go to best buy for a replacement so i did. But when second one stopped working i was sure that dorbell wasnt an issue… I hope this was helpful. Good luck !