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You gotta be kidding me! Installing a launcher is not updating firmware, you’re just installing an app that mimics Android version 8. There is actually a way to update firmware although the method we have found is somewhat complicated to do. The Viking Pro and the Galileo are basically inaccessable via USB cord. That is if you miss the 5 second window. To explain, if you have Windows 7 you can access the device via USB. However, Windows 10 makes it difficult. You must turn off the device plug in both the USB and the power cord. On your PC you must be in the Device Manager. When you turn on the device there is only a 5 second window that the device is detectable. At that point you right click on the device and install the MTK Drivers. I can take all of 4 or 5 pages explaining this process but it is in fact doable. The only problem is that no compatible firmware has been found to update the device. We at XDA Developers are able to root the device but are currently at a standstill with firmware.