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Mensagem original de: Aaron Szczepaniec ,


Bravia KD-60X690E, 2 red blinks



My TV (Sony Bravia KD-60X690E) suddenly doesn’t turn on. It’s only about 2 years old. When I try to turn it on the only thing that happens is the stand-by light flashes red twice. I’ve already done some research and saw that this is usually a power board issue. I got myself a multimeter and started reading voltages and this is what I’ve found so far:

With the TV plugged in I have 5v to standby (expected)

I don’t have voltages to anything else until I try to turn on the TV, then I have voltage for about a second or two before it dies off. All of the voltages looked fine except in 2 areas

# None of the areas that should give 12v to tcon (there were 3) had any voltage being sent. So looking at the image that would be the smaller bottom plug number 3 and 4, and the 1 tcon 12v on the larger plug
# The LED was suppose to get 155v, but was getting 120v

What does this mean? Is the power board need replacing? The board was a little dusty but didn’t see anything else that looked wrong (but I haven’t tested any of the components) Thanks



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