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As far as the Asus is concerned, all I did was totally disconnect the monitor from the main deck (leaving all connecting cables intact and insulated with electrical tape if required.  Hazy on the exact details now as I did it over a year ago now.)  This particular model has both VGA and HDMI output connectors so either formats can be used to use an external viewing monitor instead of the computer's main screen.  When i installed a Linux based operating system on the computer, the main screen, (which was heavily cracked but parts of it were still displaying content),  was still attached.  Once the operating system was fully installed I changed the options/preferences to use an external monitor as the main monitor.  This worked just fine after totally disconnecting the main screen from the computer.  The problem now is that I need to "log" into the BIOS to change some setting(s), the most prevalent being to be able to boot from a USB stick which for some reason is now disabled even though it was enabled when I installed the Linux OS from a USB stick.  As mentioned above, it would appear, as of the information I know about, the BIOS contents will only be displayed on the computer's main screen for some reason and will not automatically transfer to being displayed on an external monitor at boot time.  It would seem right now that I will have to temporally reassemble and reattach the broken main screen to view the BIOS so that I can make any necessary changes.  Just something you may want to consider with respect to your own endevours; as I am not familiar with your unit I can’t really comment whether your unit may or may not be able to automatically switch the BIOS display to an external monitor once the main screen is removed.  Have a good one! :-)