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Mensagem original de: ryan kelly ,


hey i don’t know if this is the same problem but i’ve looked solutions online and found nobody has the same problem, so first my controller won’t sync to the xbox wirelessly unless it’s a few inches away from the xbox, so i decided i would use a micro usb cable and when i plugged it in it would work for a few minutes, turn off and turn back on on it’s own and work for what a shorter amount of time and turn off and on again and work for a shorter time and it would do this until it turned on and immediately turn off. but then one day it worked fine other than the the area around the left joystick would heat up and it was only 2 feetlong. anyways i wanted a longer cable so i bought one and the problem of it turning off and on again on it’s own returned and now it’s doing the same for all my cables so it’s definitely the controller. sorry for hyjacking this forum but my controller was heating up so i thought that might be the issue