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Mensagem original de: David Ham ,


Replace battery, earpiece speaker and lightning jack-what sequence


I am going to replace three things on my iphone 6:

-replace battery;

-replace earpiece speaker; and

-replace lightning and headphone jacks assembly.

What order should I proceed in my repairs?  In looking at the manuals, it seems that I should do it in this sequence:

# Open the case, including a full removal of the the front panel;
# remove the old battery;
# replace earpiece speaker;
# replace lightning/headphone jacks assembly;
# install new battery; and
# reinstall front panel and close the device.

Does this seem like the proper order?  Any hints to do all three?  Am I correct that I do need to completely remove the front panel?  I would really prefer not to remove the front panel, but it seems necessary for the earpiece speaker replacement.

Thanks for any input.


iPhone 6