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hi there,

I'd the same probs with a MacBook UB Alu 2,0GHz from a friend.

The MB was dead after a soda spill and I tested all the components.

I've found out, that there is a very tiny board with the battery-state-LEDs on it... But on this board is much more: There is also the battery load control on it.

The soda spill flooded this board and the battery's energy did the rest... Most of the passive components on this board were destroyed and the "best": the whole machine seemed to be dead... But only this tiny board was defective!

I deactivated this board and the MB runs with Power Adapter connected (but not with battery-power!!!).

The board is connected by the little connector near the battery-connector on the mainboards other side.

The tiny battery-load-control board is located on the left side of the MB where the battery-state-LEDs are.

To get it out, you have to take out the metal-shield from the battery-connector. Now you can see the cable to this tiny board, behind a metal. There 4 screws holding the board. After loosening the four screws, you can take out this board and disconnect it from the cable to the mainboard.

If you have luck, your MacBook now is functioning by Power Adapter...

Now I'm looking for this battery load control board, to replace my defective one.

Anyone out there who knows where to get this board?

Best Regards