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I’ve had the jumping insertion point problem, too. It’s not really the cursor, because the cursor stays were you leave it and the typing insertion point jumps around. I bought a refurbished 12-inch MacBook in April 2019. The problem began a few weeks afterward. I took it to the local Apple Store and the keyboard, top case and battery were replaced. Got it home and the problem recurred. Sent it to the repair station in Texas; got it back. Same. Sent it in a third time; got it back. Same. I tussled with a senior customer service rep and a senior tech support tech and they finally agreed to replace the 12” MacBook with a new one. Guess what? The new one had the jumping insertion point, too. Brand new; nothing on it. So, I call again and the rep said he’ll send me a replacement; this time a MacBook Air, as the 12” MacBook has been discontinued.

So, here I am typing on my brand new MacBook Air and guess what? The insertion point is jumping. So, back to the internet for more reserch and here I am, on this board. Some where in an earliet post, a user found releif by disabling all the track pad jestures, eveything. So, I’m trying that now, as I type this and sure enough, with all the bells and whistles turned off the insertion point follows every character that I type, just as it does on a Mac with a regular keyboard. I do have Touch to Click turned on and the “Click” set to Light. But, so far, excellent.

I sent my Apple Customer Service rep the link to this thread, and a brief note aobut my experience, with gestures turned off. This is not a problem uniqe to me, not in the least. He wants me to talk to engineering and help get this resolved. Clearly, it’s a problem and probably requires a lot of re-engineering to fix. Let’s hope they do it.