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Mensagem original de: John Schmudde ,


I know this is a little old but I am having the same exact issue. My liquid indicator is also red although there is no sign of moisture inside the phone. I can see that the proximity sensor is on but the flood illuminator doesn't turn on. The flood illuminator identifies the face and makes sure it is in frame, so since that isn't working it keeps saying to move the iPhone lower and higher. '''My question is: have either of you tried replacing the rear camera module?''' That is what Apple recommends its employees to do first before replacing the phone. I am considering doing it but thought I'd ask before spending money on that.


PS: The only parts of the phone that would disable Face ID if replaced is the front facing sensors that include the Infrared Camera, Dot Projector, and Flood Illuminator. The Flood Illuminator is part of the Earpiece, Microphone, and Proximity Sensor module so replacing any of those would also replace the Flood Illuminator which would disable Face ID. At that point you would get an error saying there is an issue detected with the True Depth Camera or one just saying it is disabled. You wouldn't get to the part saying to move your phone lower or higher.